Holistic Gut Health and SIBO Nutritionist

Working together to find the root cause of your digestive symptoms:


Understand what’s causing your bloating, irregular bowel movements and food reactions.


Address your symptoms naturally using diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.


Carry out stool (microbiome) testing to identify your specific gut imbalances.


Carry out a SIBO breath test to find out small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is the cause of your symptoms.


Target the underlying imbalances in your gut microbiome.


Implement the correct treatment protocol for SIBO.


Trust that you’re laying the foundations for better gut health long term.

“IBS and digestive issues are often symptoms of underlying imbalances within the gut that need addressing. I can help with that.”

What Can I Offer?

As a holistic gut health and SIBO nutritionist, I offer:

  • One to one time with a qualified, BANT-registered and experienced nutritional therapist 
  • Access to private functional testing to investigate your gut health such as comprehensive stool testing and SIBO breath testing (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) as well as thyroid testing, nutrient testing and hormone testing 
  • An explanation of the underlying cause of your digestive symptoms 
  • Advice around the best dietary and supplement recommendations for rebalancing your gut 
  • Guidance and resources (such as food lists and recipes) so that you feel thoroughly supported
  • Information on how to reduce gut inflammation that could be triggering other symptoms throughout your body. The gut microbiome influences every area of health such as hormones, thyroid function, immune function, autoimmunity, vaginal health, skin health, mental health and so much more.

My Specialisms Include:

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

SIBO is an excessive growth of bacteria in the small intestines. This bacterial overgrowth can disrupt normal digestion and trigger inflammation, causing food intolerances and IBS symptoms such as bloating, reflux, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and constipation. It is commonly diagnosed through a breath test and treated with antimicrobial herbs or antibiotics along with dietary and lifestyle changes to address the underlying cause.

Candida/SIFO (Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth)

Intestinal candida or fungal overgrowth is caused by an excessive growth of yeast such as candida in the gut. Testing for intestinal candida overgrowth typically involves stool testing or urinary testing. Treatment involves antifungal supplements, dietary changes to reduce sugar and yeast intake, and lifestyle modifications to support a healthy immune system and rebalance the gut microbiome.

Histamine Intolerance

Histamine intolerance is essentially a build-up of histamine, caused by the body’s inability to break down and metabolize histamine. High levels of histamine can lead to symptoms such as headaches, skin rashes, nasal congestion, digestive issues such as bloating and food reactions. Treatment involves following a low-histamine diet and histamine-lowering supplement programme, along with a personalised approach to address the root cause for long term symptom management.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome, also known as increased intestinal permeability, is a condition where the lining of the intestinal wall becomes more permeable than normal. This allows toxins, bacteria, and undigested food particles to leak into the bloodstream, triggering an immune response which leads to symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, food sensitivities, and inflammation. Root causes of leaky gut syndrome include poor diet, chronic stress, certain medications, inflammatory bowel disease, and imbalances in the gut microbiota. An autoimmune protocol is typically used to treat leaky gut syndrome, along with addressing the root cause.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the most common chronic gastrointestinal disorder characterized by recurring episodes of abdominal pain, along with either constipation or diarrhoea, or a combination of both. Treatment options for both types of IBS include dietary modifications as well as stress management techniques. Stool testing can be a very helpful tool in assessing the imbalances in the gut microbiota to formulate a personalised IBS nutrition plan. Supporting digestion, reducing inflammation, removing trigger foods and supporting a healthy immune system and gut microbiome are all important factors for managing IBS.

Why work with me?

  • I’ve been through this journey myself (read My Story here) so I can provide you with advice as a qualified nutritional therapist and I can also offer empathy and insight into working on your gut health from personal experience
  • I have undertaken additional training in gastro-intestinal disorders including IBS, SIBO, candida overgrowth, histamine intolerance and leaky gut 
  • I keep up to date with research on the gut microbiome and nutrition science
  • I am committed to investigating the root cause of your digestive symptoms so that you can understand your body and improve your symptoms 
  • I will listen to you thoroughly and ensure that you feel supported 
  • I take a holistic approach, not just focusing on the gut but the whole body (including hormone imbalances, thyroid function, blood sugar regulation and stress).

'I have more energy, my digestion is great, my bloating is gone and my skin is brighter'

Since working with Claire my symptoms are so much better. I can’t recommend Claire enough. She instantly makes you feel comfortable, is highly knowledgeable and gives real life practical advice to help get you feeling better. She was always there when I needed to ask a question.  Thank you Claire!

Alana – York

'My health has improved remarkably and I am able to make informed decisions about my food that keep my body very happy'

Since working with Claire, I have been able to understand more about my diet, it’s consequences and how to choose the most beneficial food for my personal digestive system. The comprehensive diet plan and  supplements that Claire has recommended have revolutionised my eating patterns and choice of food. Claire’s comprehensive knowledge and expertise gave me the confidence to believe in a brighter future free of pain and discomfort. My health has improved remarkably and I am able to make informed decisions about my food that keep my body very happy.

Jennifer – Harrogate

'My stomach issues have completely gone'

I feel like I have a lot less inflammation in my stomach. Some of the supplements and food ideas Claire recommended to me also really helped boost my mood and I came to realise that the stomach and mind are very much in tune. Some of Claire’s recommendations were things I would’ve never have thought of nor been told by a doctor.

Charlie – York

How does it work?

We start with an initial 1-hour consultation where we discuss your symptoms, health history, current diet, supplements or medication and any recent test results that you have. Prior to the initial consultation, you will complete a food diary, health questionnaire and send me any test results you already have. This preparation allows me to identify areas of potential imbalance in the body and root causes for us to explore in the session together.

Following this session, I will put together your initial health action plan consisting of:

  • Dietary recommendations 
  • Supplement recommendations 
  • Realistic and appropriate lifestyle modifications 
  • An initial discussion around the root cause

Functional testing may be recommended if further investigation seems appropriate. Functional tests can include current nutritional status such as vitamin and mineral testing, comprehensive stool testing, SIBO breath testing and hormone testing such as thyroid and adrenal function.  

Following the initial consultation, I will do a thorough analysis of your case and further research to provide you with a personalised health strategy.

Subsequent follow-up consultations are put in place to monitor progress, offer continued support, fine-tune your diet and supplement programme and discuss any further test results.


Ready to get started? 

Book a Zoom consultation below

1.5-Hour Consultation: £195

Are you looking for dietary guidance and a supplement programme to kick-start your gut health journey and calm your symptoms, whether that’s bloating, reflux, constipation or diarrhoea? 

Perhaps you’re looking for guidance to help manage an inflammatory bowel condition or food intolerance.  

Alternatively, you can use this session to pick my brain on any health-related topic such as general gut health, SIBO, hormone balance, autoimmunity, thyroid function, chronic pain and fatigue and receive holistic nutritional advice including diet, supplements, lifestyle and test recommendations. 

Includes: pre-assessment questionnaire, 1.5-hour consultation, supplement programme, food lists, recipes and a written summary of dietary recommendations. 

3-Session Bundle: £395 

This bundle includes the 1.5-hour initial consultation and 2 x 45-minute follow-up consultations at a discounted rate. Also includes a pre-assessment questionnaire, a written summary of dietary recommendations, food lists, recipes and personalised supplement programme. Consultations are typically spaced every 4-6 weeks.

Follow-Up Consultations: £135

Follow-up consultations are 45-minutes and can be booked after either of the above options for continued support on treatment and maintenance.

All consultations are held via Zoom.

Please see the FAQs for further information.

Looking for something more bespoke?

Message me here.

'I have gained insight into foods that can trigger my symptoms and have had a significant reduction in symptoms'

Since working with Claire I have gained insight into foods that can trigger my symptoms and have had a significant reduction in symptoms, which has led to improved confidence in day to day life, and has actually made me able to make progress my career in a way that wouldn’t previously have been possible due to the unpredictable nature of my symptoms.

Louise – York

'Since working together my constipation has been completely resolved and my bloating has reduced by at least 75%'

Claire helped to identify that I’m actually suffering with SIBO, which has allowed her to tailor my plan more effectively. Claire couldn’t have put me more at ease from our first consultation and is always super friendly, upbeat and more than happy to help with any request or question. I’m so pleased to have come across Claire and would highly recommend her services to anybody struggling with their gut or thyroid, among the many other areas that she has expertise.

Holly, York

'With Claire's help & support, the candida is so much better!'

 I had been suffering with candida for ten years before contacting Claire. I had also had bladder & womb cancer so wanted to reduce my chances of further cancers & to alleviate the candida symptoms. 
 I can now eat much more normally, go out for meals & even enjoy a glass of wine & some chocolate, without suffering a painful flare up of symptoms. Claire is so friendly, caring & easy to talk to, very knowledgeable too. I always look forward to meeting with her & have no hesitation in recommending her.

Heather – York

'Claire has a wonderful friendly approach...'

… and will work with you to formulate a treatment plan that suits your individual situation. She is passionate about expanding her knowledge and applying that to her approach and treatment plans. I feel fortunate to have found Claire and she has played a very important role in me moving forward with my health issues. I will be forever grateful.

Julie – Perth (NHS GP)


How long will it take to see improvements in my symptoms?

It varies from person to person depending on the root cause of the symptoms and how long you’ve had IBS/digestive symptoms. Symptom reduction can usually be seen within a few weeks of changing your diet and taking the recommended supplements. However, lasting improvements can sometimes take 6-12 months or more. I will provide you with guidance on how to continue working on your gut health longer term after the end of working together.

Are the costs of tests and supplements included in the package fee?

No, supplements and tests are additional costs to the package.

How much can I expect to spend on testing and supplements?

A SIBO breath test costs around £150 and a comprehensive private stool test costs around £320. These are not mandatory tests, but they can be very helpful in providing us with information on the specific imbalances that we need to target in your gut. Supplement programmes range between £50-100 per month. However, I am happy to work to lower budgets or omit supplements if preferred.

Will I have to eat a really restrictive diet?

I provide a dietary framework to follow and recommend avoiding specific trigger foods, however, I don’t believe in perfection or deprivation. I help clients find enjoyable alternatives to their favourite foods and always apply the 80:20 rule – follow the diet 80% and allow 20% wiggle room for eating out and treats!

Will I have to stay on this diet forever?

No, not necessarily. The low FODMAP/fermentation diet isn’t a “forever” diet and should only be used therapeutically for symptom reduction whilst addressing the root cause of your gut health troubles. I help clients identify trigger foods that may need to be avoided or reduced longer term but I am a strong advocate of eating a varied and enjoyable diet.

Can I still do this programme if I am going on holiday?

Yes, that’s no problem. I am happy to work around holidays and other commitments. You can still follow the recommendations on holiday or stagger the programme to accommodate time away from home. I provide guidance on how to eat out and enjoy food like a “normal” person”!

Does the package include email support?

The package includes reasonable email support between sessions for example one email per week with quick-fire questions about the diet, supplements and recommendations. New symptoms, test recommendations and further research need to be discussed at the next follow-up.

What is your refund policy?

A refund is available for any of the packages within 14 days of purchase and up to 72 hours before the initial consultation. This is because I set aside time to prepare for the initial consultation in advance. If a refund is requested within 72 hours of the initial consultation, the following refunds are permitted: 50% refund for the Clarity Call, 75% refund for the Gut Reset Programme and 80% refund for the IBS & SIBO Support Programme. No refunds for the remaining sessions are available after the initial consultation has taken place unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Do you accept health insurance?

Nutritional therapy is not covered by private health insurance as it is a complimentary therapy. Therefore, I am unable to accept health insurance.