Creating personalised health plans towards healthier guts, minds and bodies


I’m Claire, your health detective!

Whether you have uncomfortable digestive symptoms or other chronic symptoms, a healthy gut can support your whole body: achieve optimal digestion, immune function, energy production, metabolism and weight management, mental health, hormonal health, joint and muscular health and help to lower levels of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a key driver of all chronic disease.

Gut health is one of the key foundations to total health and that’s why I’m so passionate about it.

I help individuals with chronic digestive issues to understand the root cause of their symptoms, achieve healthier gut function and find a diet that works for them without feeling deprived. My aim is to help you feel comfortable and less bloated, experience improved bowel habits, gain freedom from the stress of your symptoms and actually enjoy food again (and life!). Having suffered from troublesome gut issues and unexplained symptoms myself, I know exactly how much they can get in the way of living a “normal” and enjoyable life.

I want to help you.

My Story

In my mid 20’s I experienced an explosion of symptoms and health problems: feeling constantly sick and dizzy, joint and muscle pain, an IBS diagnosis, acne, depression, insomnia and unexplained liver inflammation. Following all the routine medical checks and tests, I was told there was nothing wrong with me. I was sent away from the doctor’s office with antibiotics, painkillers and anti-anxiety medication and no further investigations into why I felt so unwell.  After making no progress with my health via conventional medicine, I started my own research and found myself reading about the role of nutrition and diet in chronic illness.

I worked with a nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner, I studied nutritional therapy myself and then later went onto specialise in IBS and SIBO. During my training and throughout my own health journey, I discovered I had multiple food intolerances (including histamine intolerance), intestinal candida overgrowth, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), bacterial overgrowth in my large bowel and intestinal hyper-permeability (aka “leaky gut syndrome”).My gut was a mess. 

All of these imbalances had created a very inflamed and toxic gut, which was causing liver inflammation, IBS and symptoms throughout my whole body.

I learned that my diet, lifestyle, previous medications and food poisoning, and living in a mouldy home had damaged my gut and created an over-active immune system.

Dietary changes and specialist supplements helped me to calm the inflammation, rebalance my gut microbiome and heal my gut, which allowed me to finally see massive improvements in my health.

My pain began to lessen, the sickness and dizziness went, my digestion improved, my depression lifted, my acne cleared, my liver enzymes went down and I felt well again. It took time, but I finally felt like I was on the right path and I understood my body. It wasn’t unexplainable after all.

I learnt about the root cause of my symptoms. I learnt to work with my body’s individual needs. I learnt that I can eat a nutrient-dense diet and get better in the process. I learnt that health isn’t just about what we eat either, it’s about the interaction between our environment, lifestyle, diet, nutrient intake and genetics.

My passion for further research into health and well-being includes emotional and mental health as well as nutrition because our overall health is more than just the sum of what we eat and the nutrients we ingest. It’s also about our lifestyle and environment, our mindset, finding purpose, feeling supported and practising self-care.

I decided to train to be a nutritional therapist myself because I am so fascinated by the life-changing impact that personalised nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits can have on every area of our health. And now I want to share my knowledge, experience and ongoing research with you so that you can have a healthier gut and feel as well as you possibly can too.

My approach

All of my recommendations are based on research and science. I use a holistic functional medicine approach. Rather than looking at one symptom in isolation I acknowledge that all symptoms can be interconnected and therefore rooted in one or more underlying imbalance. By addressing the underlying imbalance we can begin to address all your symptoms, not just one. Some of the key systems that can become imbalanced include: the immune system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system and detoxification system. I design personalised nutrition, diet and lifestyle plans to support balance within the body and optimise gut health.

I’m a registered Nutritional Therapist with a Post-graduate Diploma in Nutritional Science. Gut health is my specialism because it is a key foundation for our overall health. Hippocrates was spot on when he said “All disease begins in the gut” more than 2000 years ago!

I’m passionate about supporting you towards a healthier gut so that you can feel healthier and happier in your mind and body, eat well, stress less and enjoy life!

In an addition to my training in Nutritional Science I have completed further training in the following:

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
  • Immunology
  • Autoimmunity
  • Stress and inflammation
  • Women’s Health
  • The Gut-Brain Axis

I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). I hold professional liability insurance with Balens.


Fun facts:

  • My dog Betsy, a Patterjack is the love of my life!
  • My celebrity crush is Paul Rudd and my favourite films with him in are Wanderlust, Role Models and I love You Man
  • My guilty pleasures include binge-watching a good boxset, eating dark chocolate and doing online shopping (usually crystals and organic skincare).
  • I have a strong Yorkshire accent which often gets stronger when I’m on the phone!
  • I’ve tried many complementary therapies along my own health journey: acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic, Reiki, Alexander technique, sports massage, reflexology, counselling, inner child work, shiatsu, Bowen therapy, Network Spinal Analysis and Kinesiology. It’s been an interesting journey!
  • I’m an introvert but I need to spend time with people regularly otherwise I go a bit crazy.
  • I rely on my gut feeling for making all decisions in life and it’s always right.