Address the underlying cause of your IBS with personalized nutrition for long-term health.

Uncover the Root Cause of Your Digestive Issues with Comprehensive Testing and Personalized Nutrition Support

I offer SIBO testing and comprehensive stool testing to help people find the underlying gut imbalances driving their digestive symptoms. I provide guidance, support and resources to give people answers to their (often unexplained) symptoms and help them get back on track with their gut health.

Hi, I’m Claire. 

I’m a registered nutritional therapy practitioner specialising in IBS, SIBO and gut health. SIBO stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and this gut imbalance can be the underlying cause of IBS in more than a third of those suffering from this condition. I can provide you with support and guidance for treating SIBO, managing IBS and improving your gut health. I’m SIBO-Dr approved and use the bi-phasic diet developed by Dr Nirala Jacobi combined with a personalized approach.

If you have digestive symptoms and want to understand and work on the root cause, this is the place for you. I’ll provide you with a step-by-step diet and nutritional supplement programme tailored to your individual needs so that you know which foods and supplements will serve you best on your journey to improved health and well-being.


It’s time to understand what’s driving your digestive symptoms. 

I specialise in SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and gut microbiome imbalances which are common root causes of IBS-type symptoms, food intolerances and chronic bloating. 

'Since working together my constipation has been completely resolved and my bloating has reduced by at least 75%'

Before I came across Claire I had struggled with IBS-C for 2 years. I’m so grateful to have found Claire and for her help with both my gut issues and thyroid problem. Claire helped me identify that I’m suffering from SIBO, which has allowed her to tailor my plan more effectively. Claire couldn’t have put me more at ease from our first consultation and is always super friendly, upbeat and happy to help with any request or question. I’m so pleased to have come across Claire and would highly recommend her services to anybody struggling with their gut or thyroid, among the many other areas in which she has expertise. Thanks so much!

Holly – York

'Claire has played a very important role in me moving forward with my health issues. I will be forever grateful'

Claire has a wonderfully friendly approach and will work with you to formulate a treatment plan that suits your individual situation. She is passionate about expanding her knowledge and applying that to her approach and treatment plans. I feel fortunate to have found Claire and she has played a very important role in my moving forward with my health issues. I will be forever grateful. 

Julie, Perth 

'Claire provided me with a lot of insight into this and helped me understand how certain foods can trigger a lot of my symptoms'

My biggest concern was that my symptoms would continue and I wouldn’t understand why.  I’m definitely more mindful of certain foods now. I’ve had a reduction in symptoms, feel less sluggish and sleep better! Claire has a very good approach and really drills down to the root cause as to what is happening. Claire recommended certain tests and explained the results in a very simplistic way which made sense. Claire is extremely prompt and thorough and I really appreciated her tailored approach.

Aisha – Leeds