8 Steps to Soothe Anxiety Guide

A natural approach to soothe feelings of anxiety centred round dietary, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations


8 steps to soothe and calm your nervous system naturally:

  • The 3 most important dietary recommendations for feeling calmer

  • Meal suggestions and alternatives

  • The number 1 nutrient depletion that could be causing your anxiety (along with poor sleep and muscle pain)

  • 3 top lifestyle recommendations that will support you to feel more resilient towards everyday stress instead of flying off the handle


Learn about the science behind my recommendations so you can understand why these strategies work and why they are so important if you want to feel calmer and sleep better.

4 beautiful recipes: 2 tasty snacks and 2 nutritious drink alternatives to tea and coffee.

Includes fillable worksheets to help you create your personalised journey to a calmer life.


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