Essential SIBO Diet Support Bundle

This is the essential SIBO diet guide containing a comprehensive food list of SIBO-safe foods, SIBO-unsafe foods and foods to eat moderately with SIBO, includes example meal plans and a full recipe pack plus 7 must-have bonuses (SIBO drinks guide, SIBO snacks, intermittent fasting options for SIBO, SIBO-friendly prebiotics, meal prepping guide and meal planner template and printer friendly food lists)

Don’t know where to start with your SIBO diet?


You’ve heard about the connection between IBS & SIBO


Maybe you’re struggling with IBS symptoms and you’re not sure what diet to try?


Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with SIBO or told you might have SIBO but you’ve been given no dietary guidance or advice on how to support your SIBO treatment.

Treatment is just one part of the equation!

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with SIBO or suspect SIBO, a SIBO-friendly diet helps reduce digestive symptoms, reduce gut inflammation, improve nutrient absorption and improve overall gut health.

Can you relate to the below?


You have no idea what to eat for SIBO!


You’re not sure what portions to have on a SIBO diet


You want to know which foods are SIBO-friendly


You’re confused about which foods aggravate SIBO


You want to know more about what causes SIBO, SIBO treatment options (besides antibiotics) and how to re-introduce foods after following a SIBO diet

Let me help

You can eat an enjoyable diet whilst reducing your symptoms and supporting your SIBO treatment plan.

Are you ready?

Buy the Essential SIBO Diet Support Bundle!

Here’s What You Get as Part of the SIBO Diet Support Bundle:


SIBO Support guide: comprehensive information on SIBO including causes, testing and treatment options, the best diet for SIBO, SIBO food lists (“yes foods”, “no foods” and “foods to moderate”) plus printer friendly food lists


Example SIBO meal plans, introduction to supplements to support gut health for SIBO, plus 5 pages of FAQs about the SIBO diet based on my clinical experience working with SIBO clients


Full SIBO-friendly recipe pack (containing 50+ recipes) including 16 Breakfasts, 17 Lunches, 17 Dinners and sweet and savoury snacks – all gluten-free and predominantly dairy-free.


Based on the Bi Phasic SIBO Diet (phase 1 and phase 2) by Dr Nirala Jacobi, with some added flexibility based on my own clinical experience from the last 4 years of working with SIBO clients.

What is the Bi Phasic SIBO Diet? The dietary approach is a lower fodmap diet and an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of 2 phases (a restricted phase and a semi-restricted phase) to use before and during treatment. 

Meals include smoothies, pancakes, Buddha bowls, soups, curries, stews, wraps, salads and on-the-go snacks and meals).

Plus 7 Bonus Downloads:

  1. SIBO-Friendly Drinks Guide
  2. SIBO-Friendly Snacks Guide
  3. Meal plan template
  4. Intermittent Fasting Handout to Support SIBO
  5. Meal prepping guide 
  6. SIBO-friendly prebiotics
  7. Printer-Friendly Food Lists 

I’ve included a comprehensive FAQs section about the SIBO diet so can you feel fully informed and ready to embark on the SIBO diet including questions about level of strictness with the diet, what if you eat a vegan diet, weight loss, constipation, eating out, SIBO-friendly ready-meals and much more! 

Everything you need to gain clarity around following a SIBO-friendly diet!

Hi, I’m Claire

A BANT-registered nutrition therapist based in the UK. I specialise in gut health, IBS and SIBO. I understand the struggles of IBS and SIBO and the challenges it can bring to enjoying food and feeling comfortable in your body. 

I trained as a nutritional therapist and undertook additional training in gastrointestinal disorders and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) after suffering for years from my own poor gut health. SIBO is a gut microbiome imbalance and can be the root cause of IBS in up to 78% of those suffering from this digestive condition. My aim is to provide people with the essential information needed for addressing SIBO and improving their gut health. I’m SIBO-Dr approved and use the bi-phasic diet developed by Dr Nirala Jacobi combined with either the tried and tested antibiotics or antimicrobial herbs.


What happens when I click buy now?

You’ll receive an email with all the links to the resources, ready to download and save to your device.

What format is the Essential SIBO Diet Support bundle in?

The downloads are all in PDF format.

Does this bundle include guidance on SIBO treatment?

The SIBO Support Guide includes an overview of the different SIBO treatment options. It does not include precise protocols for the treatment options. If you are interested in obtaining the exact SIBO treatment protocols including antibiotic options, herbal options or the elemental diet option, you can purchase the SIBO masterclass which includes comprehensive information on SIBO treatment.

Does this bundle include guidance on supplements to help with SIBO?

The SIBO Support Guide includes a brief introduction to some supportive supplements for SIBO including digestive support, immune support and bowel movement support. It does not include information on probiotics or prebiotics for SIBO. You can find this information in the SIBO Masterclass.

Do you offer refunds?

No, as this is a digital product, refunds are not available for this digital bundle.

Where can I get help?/What if I have questions?

You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions about SIBO either anonymously or not. You can email me at for questions about the masterclass itself.

How long do I have access to these downloads?

You will have lifetime access to the downloads.

Who is this diet suitable for?

This dietary approach may be suitable for anyone with SIBO, IBS or suspects SIBO/IBS? Anyone who reacts to multiple foods without any reason. This dietary approach is based on a lower FODMAP, anti-inflammatory diet and includes prebiotics to support treatment and gut health.

What if I haven’t had a SIBO test and don’t know if I have SIBO?

You do not need to have carried out a SIBO test or have a confirmed SIBO diagnosis to buy this SIBO Support Bundle. This bundle is for information purposes only and is to help you feel informed and empowered about what SIBO diet to use if you suspect SIBO or have IBS.

What if I follow a vegan/vegetarian diet?

There are many vegan/vegetarian meal options within the recipe pack. Phase 1 (restricted) is not recommended for anyone following a vegan or vegetarian diet, as it is too limited due to the lack of starches, grains and fruit. However, anyone following a vegan or vegetarian diet can use phase 2 of the bi-phasic diet which is more flexible.

I’m not sure what the bi-phasic SIBO diet is, will this be helpful?

The SIBO Support Guide includes comprehensive information about the bi-phasic diet including the benefits and components of the diet, no prior knowledge of this diet or SIBO is necessary.

How many servings do the recipes make?

The recipes either make 1, 2 or 4 portions. You can double or divide the quantities as necessary to suit your needs.

How strict is the food list/meal plan?

The food lists are 100% gluten-free. Phase 1 is 100% grain-free and dairy-free. The diet is lower FODMAP but not zero FODMAP. The food lists include some soy/corn/nuts. Please omit any foods which you know you have a sensitivity, intolerance or allergy to. Feel free to skip any meals or recipes which you don’t like.